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IP Messenger for Win v5.6.3

   Serverless lightweight Messenger for LAN.
No cloud, Secure & High availability

LastUpdate: 2023/10/06
Download v5.6.3 (2023/10/06)
(for 32bit/64bit)
from WindowsForest
from Github (redirect)
Change history


v5.x features
Auto member detection over routers
 - The Member Master mode enables auto member detection over routers

Add RecvTrans(Slack or etc)
 - Trasnfer received messages to slack(or misc server) during lock screen.

Add Send Queue
 - Send Queue. If the receiver's PC is inactive, wait to send in the background.

Add special command(ipcmd.exe)
 - The Special command supports "get/set absence mode" and "send/recv messages" or etc

Add Powerfull Logviewer
 - Quick View/Scroll more than 100,000 messages with inline images
 - Support Multi Tabs.
 - High speed incremental full text search.
 - Support to add comments/images

Support to relpy multiple addressees
Main features
  • Auto member detect over router
  • High speed file/folder transfer
  • Inline image that is captured from desktop
  • Safety message communication (RSA2048bit + AES256bit)
  • Powerfull logviewer (v4.0 or later)
  • Help and license
    If you have a question, please post IP Messenger Support Forum
    If you want to customize ipmsg (Logging Server or etc), please contact to the email that describe in the end of this page.

    v4.60 or earlier installer has vulnerability of DLL loading without intent (2017/07/31)

    Relative Information
    Using IPMsg for Win on Linux/MacOS (except Catalina)
    1 Installing Wine (I recommend Wine-HQ lastest binary)
    2 Download and IPMsg for Win installer, and extract ipmsg4xx_installer.exe
    3 Run the installer by Wine and launch ipmsg from installer
    % wine ipmsg4xx_installer.exe
    Ref. Known problem: Screen Capture in MacOSX

    Links for other platforms
    IP Messenger for MacOS X
    (2014/09) G.Ishiwata
    Support file/folder transfer
    PetaClone for Java
    (2010/03) K.Gosha
    Support file/folder transfer, multi-lang, embedded-images, message-encryption
    IP Messenger for KDE
    (2010/03) K.Gosha
    Support file/folder transfer, message-encryption
    Android version Some imprementations exist.

    IP Messenger Support software
    Old pageOld versions in 1996-2009

    The Hardwares that communicate with IPMsg protocol
    Keiko-chan series
    ISA Co.,Ltd.
    Network tower/light beacons
    (This prodocut is not related to IPMsg project)
    ISA Co.,Ltd.
    Remote power controller
    (This prodocut is not related to IPMsg project)


    Copyright (C) SHIROUZU Hiroaki All rights reserved.
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