IP Messenger v5.6.18

2024/04/17 H.Shirouzu & FastCopy Lab, LLC.


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1. Overview
2. License/Environment/Install
3. Usage/Screen description
  - To capture display
  - LogViewer
4. Settings
  - Member Master Settings
  - RecvTrans (Slack or etc)
  - Auto Update
5. Use Port/Registry
6. Frequency Problem
7. CommandLine
8. Support
9. Tips/Shortcut
10. History

1. Overview

IP Messenger is a pop up style LAN message communication software for multi platforms. It is based on TCP and UDP/IP.

This software does not require server machine.
Simple, lightweight, and free software :-)
1. Powerfull LogViewer (ver4.0)
2. Folder/file transfer
3. Embedded images in a message
4. RSA(2048bit) + AES(256bit) + SHA-256 for safety communication
5. IPv6 Multicast support 6. Over routers (Member Master function. v4.5 or later)
IPMsg software is available for MacOSX, iPhone, Android, Java, KDE and all sources supplied with protocol. Please check the URL addresses below. https://ipmsg.org

2. License/Environment/Install

IP Messenger ver5.x License

Copyright 1996-2024 SHIROUZU Hiroaki All rights reserved.
Copyright 2015-2018 Asahi Net, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2018-2024 FastCopy Lab, LLC. All rights reserved.

Redistributing and using this software, commercial or non-commercial, is permitted if the following conditions are met:

1. Redistributions of this software must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.


Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (and Server2008/2012/2016/2019/2022)


To install, run inpmsg4xx_installer.exe.
(/silent, /extract or etc options will be shown by /h option)
To uninstall, run uninstaller(setup.exe) in Start Menu.
(Or in "Program and Features" in control panel)

3. Usage/Screen description

Task tray icon

Left Single(or double) click on the icon opens a Send Message window.
Right single click on the icon opens IPMsg menu such as setting, absence mode, view log, help, or etc.

Send Message Window

If [Seal] is checked, it will be sealed message.
If [Lock] is checked, it will be locked message. The receiver must use receiver's own password to open a locked message.

To transfer File/Folder, Drag & Drop File/Folder to Send Window. (or selec right button menu on Send Window)

File/Folder transfer can't be completed until a receiver starts to download the file. If a sender re-starts IPMSG, the attachment file information becomes clear, and a receiver will not be able to download the file.)

Prefix color of the user list
whiteEmbedded images, attached files, RSA2048/AES256/SHA-256(orSHA-1) encryption/sign
light pinkSame as white except disabling embedded images
light grayAttached files RSA encryption
light blueA part of v2.0 level (attached files)
dark grayBasic message communication
Attention: ! mark indicates absence mode

The order of Send Message window header item list can be changed by Drag & Drop. Right click and select "Size/Font/Pos Setting" for saving order.

Right click on the window and select from the menu: Sort/Filter, Group Select, Search User Ctrl-[F], File Transfer, (Folder)Transfer, Save List Header, Font Setting, Size Setting, Fix Position, Disp Setting.

Sort/Filter display order priority Sort priority is from small to large number.
If there are identical priority data, then go to the detail setting → approx. level user sort setting

Screen Shot/Caputre
To capture, push camera button or select in the menu that under "refresh" button.
Area specified desktop image (that can be modified by marker) can be pasted to Send Message Window and it can be saved to PNG file.
Send Message Window is minimized at starting to capture, but this behavior can be changed by settings.

In capture mode, you can draw/edit "pencil, straight line, square, arrow with comment, mask, move range," etc.
(useful as a simple screen capture tool).

To embed clipboard image, push Ctrl-[V] in editbox.(Max.10 images)
If logging setting is enabled, send/receive images are saved in ipmsg_img sub-folder of logfile folder.
(Because sending/receiving image mechanism use ipmsg file transfer, it requires to open 2425/tcp port)
Select embedded images and show context menu, it can be saved a selected image to a file.

Receive Message Window

Right click on the window and select from the menu: Font Setting, Size Setting, Fix Position.

If you receive a message with an attachment, then an attachment button will be displayed. Folder transfer data can't be overwritten.

StrongnessPublicKeyCommonKeySignatureReceive Window TitleLog File
StrongestRSA 2048bitAES 256bitRSA+SHA-256Receive Message ++++(RSA2+/Signed)
StrongRSA 2048bitAES 256bitRSA+SHA-1Receive Message +++(RSA2/Signed)
StrongRSA 2048bitAES 256bitNothingReceive Message ++(RSA2)
NothingNothingNothingNothingReceive Message

It is used most strong way that is supported by sender and reciever.
UserID is extended with fingerprint in v3.0 or later. ("uid" → "uid-<finger_print_hexstr>")


Powerfull Viewer that can show message log with embedded images

Main Features

It can show several tens of thousand messages with embedded images

It can narrow messages for specified user by 1 click

It has "Marker", "Favorite", "Comment" functions.

(and also has "Self memo", "Embedded images" functions)
Menu & Functions
File Menu
Open Text Log Open a text message log (it requires to associate ".log" file type with a program)
Open Image Folder Open png(embedded images) file folder in ipmsg log folder.
Open Attached file History Folder Open attached file/dir shortcuts.
These shortcuts is used by LogViewer's attached file accessing
Open AutoSaved Folder Open AutoSaved Folder for attached files/dirs.
Import/remove log files Import(or remove) ipmsg text log files for the LogViewer.

If text log format is too old, it may not be able to separate username/hostname/uid/IPaddress.
(In that case, whether to modify a header(== Other messages that have same header will be modified, too). Or remove imported data, modify text log, and import it again.)
DB Prefetch Load log-DB file(ipmsg.db) to OS cache for improving search/show performance.
DB Vacuum Vacuum/Reindex log-DB file for reducing size and improving search performance.
DB Integrity Check Inspect and repair the DB. Although it is not normally necessary, please try this when you have a problem such as when the log suddenly disappears.
Close Close LogViewer
Settings Menu
Reverse Disp Reverse the message show order.
Clear Find History Clear Find History
Font Settings Change display font
(Now, same font is used for all message area in LogViewer. Only font size and thickness are changed)
Window Menu
Open New LogViewer Open New LogViewer.
To add marker or modification will reflect all viewers.
Memo Message Add self memo like a message.
Help Menu
Help Open Viewer Help(this document).
Tips Open Tips section in Help.

Jump to latest message button Jump to latest message.
Then, it will be auto scroll mode and this button icon will be broken line arrow.
(with Shift key, jump to oldest message)
Switch to title only Toggle Normal / Title only mode
User filter ("All Users") Narrow selected user message.
(Pushing "User" button in a title has the same effect.)

If it is pushed small pen button, it will be changed manual user search.
(Search username/uid/hostname field)
Show Period "Entire period" Selecting the pull-down menu allows you to view logs for the past year, etc.
Search string field Start realtime string search and jumping to a message that contains the string.
If it is pushed return key, jump to next searched message.
If it is pushed return key with Shift key, jump to previous searched message.

If it is checked "Check mark", narrow and show only hitted messages.
Complex search: "AAA BBB" means to search the messages that contain both "AAA" and "BBB". "AAA OR BBB" means to search the messages that contain "AAA" or "BBB".
Favorite narrowing Narrow favorite checked messages.
Marker/Comment narrowing Narrow markered/commented messages.
(Mark: Using right click menu in selected sentence. Comment: Using "..." button in the right side of message titlebar)
Narrow embedded images Narrow embedded image messages.
Narrow unopened messages Narrow unopened messages.
The number of unopened messages is 300. If it is over, New message can't be received.
(Even if it is used "logviewer receive mode", hidden receive window object is created during unopen status.)
Open Send Dialog
Open Send Dialog.

Title part of message area
Date Show the date of send/received message.
(If mouse is over this field, it will show date with day of week and seconds in bottom status field)
Arrow mark Right arrow means sended message, and left arrow means recieved message. (If mouse is over this field, arrow mark change to reply mark)
"User" button If it is pushed, narrow "User" messages.
If it is right-clicked, reply/etc menu will be shown.
Receive "Unopened" mini button If it is received a sealed message, it will show "Unopened" mini button in the right-top of "User" button.
If it is pushed, then the sealed message will open.
Send "Unopened" mini mark If a sended sealed message is not opened, it will show "Unopened" mini mark in the right-top of "User" button.
If the message is opened, it will be hidden.
Favorite Mark If it is pushed a Favorite Mark in a message title, the message will be registered as "Favorite".
And It affects results of narrowing Favorite button in toolbar.
Misc menu(...) Select "Reply ((== title dobule click)", "Copy message", "Modify Header", "Edit Message", "Delete Message", "Add Comment" menu items.

Message Area (Body)
Embedded images Embedded(inline) images is shown as thumbnail. If it is clicked, it will be expanded.
If it is double-clicked, the application that associates ".png" extension will open it.
Add Comment If it is right-clicked, it can be selected to add comment.
If comment area is clicked, then a dialogbox for EditComment will be opened.
Marker It can be selected "Marker", if selected string area is right-clicked,
Copy It can be selected "Copy", if selected string area is right-clicked.
Search Messages It can be selected "Search Message", if selected string area is right-clicked.
Google Seach It can be selected "Google Search", if selected string area is right-clicked.
Reply Open a send message window to reply. (same as title double clicking)
Embedded from Clipboard
Embedded images Ctrl-[V] is pushed, "Image" can be embedded from clipboard.
Embedded text Ctrl-[V] is pushed, "Comment" can be added from clipboard.

Shortcut list is this

4. Settings

Settings Dialog can be opened from right-click in tasktray icon.

Basic & LAN Settings

Basic Settings
User nameSet User name
Group nameSet/Select Group name
Input new group name or select group name in pulldown menu.
LAN Settings
Broadcast setup for different segments If you want to detecting diffrent segment members, it requires broadcast settings.
(However, many routers are blocking directed broadcast. So we recommend to use Member Master function instead of this field.)
Unicast requiredDemand status messages to other IPMsg client
Local segment broadcast (for IPv4 member detection)
Limited broadcastSend to for member detection
(If VMWare is used, we recommend to use "Directed broadcast")
Directed broadcastListing all IPv4 addresses that NICs have, and send all directed broadcast addresses for member detection.
(ex: OS have two addresses( and, send to and for member detection.
bothuse Limted and Directed broadcast together
IPv6 multicast (for IPv6 member detection)
SiteLocalSend to ff15::979 as multicast address for member detection.
(If your site routers can use IPv6 multicast, over router member detection will be available.)
LinkLocalSend to ff02::1 as multicast address for member detection.
(member detection is available in local segment only)
Site/LinkLocal dualuse SiteLocal and LinkLocal
English UIChange to English UI (need restart)

Member Master Settings (v4.5 or later)

This function is to detect members over routers.
If only one PC becomes a Master in an entire LAN and one or more PC uses/relations the Master in each segments, Auto detecting members function is enabled.
Select mode
Not UseNot use Master Mode
Use/Relate to a Master
Set Master's IP address(or FQDN). It will be received members information from the Master.
And it will be accepted to request collecting members in own segment from the Master.
Become a Master
Become a Member Master.
A master should exist only one in entire LAN.

Basically, Master's IP address should be Fixed address.
The master collects members information periodically, and if some change is detected, it send these notifications to each segments.
(Refresh period can be setted in "Refresh Intervals (min)". default: 3min) One or more PCs that Use/Relate to a master(=Agent) in each segments are required.

Ref) A Master PC and Use Master PCs(Agent) cooperate image
Activity Image

Detail Settings

Balloon/Toast Notification
Receive NotifySpecify duration time(sec) at receive notification
Open NotifySpecify duration time(sec) at open msg notification<
Do not display user information(As it is)
Link for Windows ControlPanel
Toast NotificationOpen Windows toast notification settings. (This settigns overrides the above ipmsg settings.
Notification Area IconOpen Windows notification area icon settings.
HotKey settings
Use HotkeyOpen send/recv window by shortcut key
Change Send/Reply → Fire/InterceptBack to original label(1st beta in 1996)
Register Icon & Notify
in TaskTray at Starting
Register Icon&Notify at starting, automatically
IconChange main/tasktray Icon
RevIconChange recv/absense Icon

Send Window

Use Send Queue
when a recever is stopped.
If the receiver's PC is stopped, the message is saved in the send queue. It will be sent when the receiver is active. ("IPMsg Delayed Send:DATE" will be added at the end of the message)

Inactive users are shown as gray in the send screen.
Users who were active within the past month will be displayed. (When you want to hide, select user → RightClick → PrioritySettings → Move to No Display)
(If you use this function, please use logging, otherwise inline images may not be sent at delayed sending)
Show at the endShow inactive users at the end of the user list.
Priority users onlyShow only inactive users with priority settings.
Show only for users within the last N weeksShow only inactive users who were active within the past N weeks
Send Window
1 Click Open SendDlgOpen Send Dlg by 1click in tasktray icon
IME auto ONEnable IME at SendDlg opened
Narrow Userlist at replyShow original addressees in userlist at replying. (if it is clicked "+" mini button, show all users)
Prevent missendConfirm addressee changed.
Set Caret to top at replying(As it is)
Prevent to quote the end of DblQuoted(>>) Lines(As it is)
QuoteStrSpecify quote string at replying. We recommend not to modify it, because it affects the fold action in the LogViewer.
UserHsitoryNumSpecfy the number of user history in right click menu of SendDlg

Recv Window

Recv Window
NonPopup ReceiveChange "popup" to "blink tasktray Icon" at receiving
Quoted check(As it is)
Open Logviewer when
trayicon is clicked at recv
(As it is)
Show LogonName(As it is)
Show IP address(As it is)
Don't close RecvDlg, when reply(As it is)
No recv sound(As it is)
Reproduce msg at rebooting
with unopend msg
(As it is)
Sound(As it is)


Confirm IPMsgIcon
in TaskTray at Starting
Confirm to show IPMsgIcon in TaskTray(TaskNotificationArea)


Embedded image in a message
Always show directlyShow inline images in RecvDlg, directly
Show directly if priority userIf a sender is display priority user in SendDlg, show inline images in RecvDlg, directry
Always show via Image button(As it is)
Display (area specified) Capture
Minimize Send Message Dialog as default(As not to interfere with the capture)
Clipboard check as defaultCopy image to Clipboard at finishing to capture
Save check as defaultOpen save image dialog at finishing to capture

URL/File Link

Link behavior
One click openOpen a link by single click. (default: double click is needed)
One click open (only viewer)Open a link by single click in log viewer, and open a link by double click in send/recv window.
Link targets are only URLShow only URL-link, not File-link.
Permitted file extensions for clicking a file linkset open file-types without confirm dialog

Log Setting

Logging available(As it is)
LogFileSpecify a filename of send/recv message logs.
And also, a dbfile(ipmsg.db) for logviewer will be created in same folder.
And also, inline image(.png) files will be stored in ipmsg_image subfolder of LogFolder.

Auto FileDownload

Auto Save
Enable to download attched files automatically(If a message is opened, the message is not autosaved. It requires to download it manually
Auto download folder(If it is not specified, it is used "(LogFile_folder)\AutoSave")
Limitation by disp priorityAutoSave function can be enabled for display priority users.
Download size limitation(MB)Specify the limit of total download size
Download size will be added up while IPMsg hasn't be operated manually
(This limitation protects for disk full)
Grace sec of starting auto downloading(As it is)
Allow to download foldersAutoSave is enabled, even if it is a folder. But total file/folder downloaded size is over than the limitation size, folder transfer will be discontinued
(In this case, it can download manually, if the sender hasn't been shutdown/restart

Remote reboot

Remote Reboot
Allow remote RebootIf it is received "ipmsg-cmd:...", this machine will reboot this machine when a reboot confirm dialog is timeout(15sec)
RefreshChange the reboot message command("ipmsg-cmd:...")
Remote Shutdown
Allow remote ShutdownIf it is received "ipmsg-cmd:...", this machine will be shutdown when a shutdown confirm dialog is timeout(15sec)
RefreshChange the shutdown message command("ipmsg-cmd:...")
Remote Terminate IPMSG
Allow remote ShutdownIf it is received "ipmsg-cmd:...", this ipmsg will be terminated when a terminate confirm dialog is timeout(15sec)
RefreshChange the terminate message command("ipmsg-cmd:...")
(for restarting multiple via RDP or for requesting restart/shutdown to other ipmsg user)

RecvTrans (Slack or etc)

Trasnfer received messages to slack or another server during lock screen.
It requires to get the Slack Incoming Webhooks URL.
If you want to transfer to another server, it is required to describe URL and POST message.
Common Settings
Trasnfer ModeSelect mode. (Lock Screen) mode transfers the unopened messages when screen is locked
Slack or GeneralSelect Slack or General
TestTrasnfer test message to slack or another server. If an error occurs, it is written in the text area in right side.
Ref) Slack handling errors
for Slack
incoming webhook URLDescribe /Txxxxxx/Bxxxxx/xxxxxxx after https://hook.slack.com/services URL
Ref) Slack Incoming Webhooks
#channel/@usernameSpecify #channel or @username.
for General
URLDescribe URL that you want to transfer to
POSTDescribe POST data. $(sender) and $(msg) are replaced real sender name and real message body.

Auto Update

Auto Update
Regularly check the latest versionRegularly check the latest version and if new version is released, updating IPMsg.
Check the latest version, but no installIf new version exists, it shows balloon notification and if click it, the update confirm dialog will be shown.
Check UpdateCheck the latest version now, and if new version exists, the button label will be changed "Start to Update"


Export Settings
Export settings to .reg file(As it is)
Windows Firewall
Don't confirm Windows Firewall settings at startIn current version, ipmsg confirms Windows Firewall Settings at starting.
And if Windows Firewall blocks IPMsg packet, IPMsg shows "Add to firewall exception list for receive" dialog.
If it is checked, this dialog will be not shown. d>
Reduce task tray action at receiving(Change "Blink" to "mini sun moving")

5. Use Port/Registry

Normally use 2425 port for TCP/UDP. (See 8. Appendices)
Use 2425 port only for UDP with no File(Folder) Transfer.
(These ports should be activated when using firewall software.)

Setting is saved in the following registry key.
(If port number has been set, IPMsg + port number)
When changing your registry number, please re-start ipmsg.

Protocol specification comes with source.(Japanese)

6. Frequency Trouble

IP Messenger use 2425/UDP port for member detection and message communication, and use 2425/TCP port for file and image transfer.
If those port are blocked by OS or Antivirus software, IP Messenger can't detect other member or can't send/receive file or images.
Please open these port.

7. CommandLine

v4.5 or later, special command(ipcmd.exe) is enabled.
(Its parent folder can be opened by right click menu in task tray icon() → Latest & Help etc → Installed Folder)

If ipcmd.exe is used, it can be enabled "get/set absence mode", "send/recv messages", or etc.

Format: ipcmd [/port=N] [/nic=ipaddr] [/nostat] sub command...
sub command
Get absence modegetabs
Set absence modesetabs (0|1|...|N)
Get UserListlist [/all]
Refresh UserListrefresh [/noremove]
Send a message send [/file=path1 /file=path2...] [/noseal]
("msg_body" | /msgfile=path)
Receive a messagerecv [/msgfile=path]
Terminate IPMsgterminate

ex.1) Send a message: ipcmd send "shirouzu-<09b167745f2bdf56>,user2-<7764219b1adac4d0>" test
ex.2) Get userlist(with inactive users): ipcmd list /all
ex.3) Set absence mode: ipcmd setabs 1

ipmsg.exe command lines
At startup IPMSG software, you can specify UDP/TCP port number.
IPMSG can run at multiple sessions.
For example, using [ipmsg.exe 2426] command, you can contact only people who are using 2426 port.

You can run as much as you want using different port number.

Using more UDP/TCP port number, then 1024 is recommended.
(Between 10000 - 60000 may be more safer)
For example, Known NFS software uses 2049/UDP.
Ask network administrator

Specifing NIC (for multi NIC environment)
ipmsg.exe [port] /NIC nic_ipaddr
ex) C:\> ipmsg.exe /NIC

8. Support

Any bug report, suggestion and recommendations are welcome in the support forum. (The support forum is the only official support entry)
For these report, please send the following information.
Software Version, Operating System, problem situation, repeatability.

9. Tips/Shortcut key

Almost All Windows To close a window, Shortcut(CTRL + [W]) can be used.
Open Send/Recv/LogView
It is easy to use shortcut key
(It is assigned CTRL + ALT + [S][R][E], as default)
And in send/recv/LogVIew dialog, it can used BOSS key(Ctrl-[D])
Send Dialog Ctrl-[F] is User incremental Search
To set display priority settings in right click of userlist is convenience.
To use the frequency userlist in right click of userlist is convenience.
If it is right-clicked a image, the image can be re-edited.
If it is sended with SHIFT + CTRL + right-click, it can retrieve the receiver's ipmsg version.
If the refresh button is clicked with Ctrl-key, it is refreshed userlist, but it doesn't remove old entries.
Receive Dialog If it is right-clicked a image, the image can be stored as a png file.
A image can drag & drop to Send Dialog.

[Space][Ret] Go to next message (with Shift-key, go to previous message)
Ctrl-[T] or [Home] Jump to the top of messages (oldest message)
Ctrl-[B] or [End] Jump to the end of messages (newest message)
Ctrl-[R] Reply (if a enabled current message(*) exists)
Ctrl-[S] Open Send Dialog
Ctrl-[F] Set focus to the Search field (toggle)
Ctrl-[N] Show only search results (toggle)
Ctrl-[U] User string search (toggle)
Ctrl-[Q] Title Only mode (Toggle)
Ctrl-[C] Copy selected area to clipboard
Ctrl-[V] Paste from clipboard

In the Search field, it can used AND/OR/NOT search.
NOT: "AAA NOT BBB" (NOT can't used the top of the field)

(*) Enabled current message(**) == selected by mouse click, or move current message by [Ret]
(**) Current message has a glay line in the left of header

10. History

The commercial version of IP Messenger Pro is now available.
Various compliance features are included.
With the release of the Pro version, the special version is no longer offered. Please note that we no longer offer the special version.
v5.6.18 Fix to fail ipcmd.exe send command.
v5.6.17 Update zlib v1.3.1. Improved stability.
v5.6.16 Update SQLite.
v5.6.13 Improved stability.
Added "DB Integrity Check" menu item to LogViewer.
v5.6.3 File attachments support symbolic link files. (transferred as normal files)
Changed the file attachment function so that it continues to work even if there is a file that cannot be opened.
v5.6.2 Japanese mode can now be selected even on non-Japanese OS.
Improved message reachability in multiple NIC environments.
v5.6.1 In screen capture, the Shift+Ctrl key can now be pressed to select a range of windows directly under the cursor.
v5.5.0 Added range selection & duplicate mode in screen capture. (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to exchange clipboard)
v5.4.0 Addition of period refinement function in the log viewer.
v5.3.2 Fixed issue with incomplete PDF printing in LogViewer (v5.3.1 only)
v5.3.1 Color Emoji support in LogViewer (Win10 or later)
. (Can be disabled from LogViewer → Settings)
Fix /NIC option (v5.3.0 only)
v5.2.0 - v5.2.3 Color emoji support in Send/Recv Edit Area (Only Microsoft365 installed environment)
Color emoji support is now optional (Settings → Details) due to problems in some environments.
Fix the probem of the exception in command line mode.
v5.1.1 - v5.1.3 Fixed the problem of the comment icon not appearing in LogViewer.
Changed generic receive transfer with GET method to POST method.
Fixed that the marker operation of LogViewer sometimes caused a drop.
Fixed unicode logon name issue.
v5.1.0 Add PDF output from LogViewer (Win10 only)
Add /userfile= option in ipcmd send command.
v5.0.3 Fixed an issue where the exit user would not disappear with the refresh button (v5.0.0 - v5.0.2)
Member master can now be used in environments where fragment packets do not pass.
(The agent for each segment also needs to be updated to v5.03 or later.)
v5.0.1-5.02 Improve capture/drawing mode.
v5.0.0 Improve LogViewer (Multi-Tab, Show 1x image, re-editing image, etc)
Speeding up file/folder transfer (Import a part of FastCopy technology)
Improve capture/drawing mode.
v4.00-4.99 Add Member Master function
Support Powerful LogViewer
Add special command(ipcmd.exe). (It can Set/Get absence mode/Receive Messages/Send Messages with files/or etc)
Support multiple-addressees reply.
Support RecvMsg Transfer mode. (Transfer to slack or etc)
Add Send Queue mode (Delayed Send) when the receiver is inactive. Support Auto Update.
Support to confirm that reply-addressees are changed.
Support SHA-256 signing.
Obsolete old weak encryption mode (RSA512bit/RC2-40bit)
v3.00 - v3.64 Support auto download option for attached files.
Support IPv6 multicast
Suport remote reboot/shutdown.
Support sceen capture & embedded image in message
Support RSA2048/AES256bit encryption.
Support RSA2048/SHA-1 digital sign/verify & userid extension(public-key fingerprint).
v2.00File/Folder Transfer function support, Encrypted communication path support.
v1.31English version support(97/09/01)
v1.00Official public version (1996/08/19)