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IP Messenger

This is a pop up style LAN Messenger for multi platforms.
It is based on TCP/IP(UDP).
It does not require server machine.
Simple, lightweight, and compact size.

since 97/09/14

IP Messenger
आंतरजाल मेसेंजर
आईपी मैसेंजर
ஐபி தூதர்
IP របស់កម្មវិធីផ្ញើសារ
IP رسول

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IP Messenger for Win ver3.64 by H.Shirouzu shirouzu (2015/12/24)
Usage & License

Download (v3.64)
64bit   Installer     from WindowsForest  
  Installer     from Vector  
32bit   Installer     from Vector  
  All Source code   from Local  
   Installer exe archive (32bit 64bit)
  • Serverless message communication
  • Fast file/folder transfer
  • Image embeded message, desktop (area specified) capture
  • Message encrytion(RSA2048bit + AES256bit) and sign/verify (PKCS#1-v1_5)

  • verContents
    v3.64 Change bakgroud color to non-transparent for text-marker in image capture.
    Fix command line mode error in WinXP
    v3.63 Fix an exception at starting in Win10(x64)
    Misc refine.
    v3.62 Fix an exception at starting in Win10(x86)
    v3.61 Fix unicode input for send dialog.
    v3.60 Support auto download option for attached files.
    Support reproduce message for unopend/hidden message at restarting.
    v3.52 Not to need manual settings for task tray icon at minimize.
    Add Win10 to supported OS.
    v3.51 Fix specifing port_no in command line.
    Fix balloon notification in WinXP.
    v3.50 Support to encryption/sign(AES-CTR256bit) for file/folder transfer
    Support IPv6 multicast
    Change image processing library (libpng -> GDI+)
    Add new marker function(arrow with text/rectangle).
    Support to re-edit image.
    Support to paste image by file.
    Add new commandline message mode(/MSGEX), "\n" in message is replaced to new line code.
    Suport remote reboot/shutdown.
    misc refine.
    v3.42 Update libpng (1.5.9 -> 1.5.10)
    Fix hidden button label in classic style.
    (It will be the final version that supports Windows2000.)
    v3.41 Support Marker function for captured display image.
    Update libpng (1.5.4 -> 1.5.9) for VU#523889
    Show embedded image directly as default.
    Support to save selected embedded image to a file via right context menu.
    Improve Send Dialog UI.
    v3.32 Show embedded image directly as default, if priority user.
    Fix illegal characters in setting dialog(v3.31 only)
    v3.31 Support to export settings to .reg file. Fix "Log file" button in settings. Misc refine.
    v3.30 Support display (area specified) capture.
    Support detail settings of balloon notifications.
    Update libpng (1.5.2 -> 1.5.4) for VU#819894
    Misc refine.
    v3.21 Prevent to lost focus in active window when embedded image messsage is received.
    Release 64bit version.
    v3.20 Support select users by user(sended) history.
    Support old-style message-open notification.
    Support delayed message-open notification, if desktop window is not activated(ex. screen saver).
    Improve unopened message monitor.
    Change default behavior to open Send Window by single click.
    Misc refine.
    v3.10 Support icremental search for userlist (Ctrl+F).
    Change recv/log header format.
    Improve send list prefix color.
    Improve setting dialog.
    Change zip archive to exe installer.
    some fix.
    v3.00 Embedded image in message.
    Multi language communication.
    RSA2048/AES256bit encryption.

    Unopened message monitor.
    RSA2048/SHA-1 digital sign/verify.
    Userid extension(public-key fingerprint).
    Choose Directed/Limited broadcast for local segment.
    v2.11 File/Folder Transfer. (Very fast!)
    RSA/Blowfish Encryption of communication data.

    Host name (FQDN) support on Broadcast setup.
    Specifying NIC extension.
    Balloon Notification. (v2.07 or later)
    Old versions: v3.42(64bit) v3.42(32bit) v2.11

    IP Messenger for Win16 ver1.34 (49KB) by H.Shirouzu (98/08/30)
    Source code of ipmsg for Win16 ver1.34 r3 (115KB)

    Windows for Chinese

    IP Messenger for Win Chinese Language Version translated by A zhi (2010/06/09)

    Windows for Korean(Hangul)

    IP Messenger for Win Korean Transllation Version by A Hong Sung-Jae (2004/03/17)

    Windows for Brazil/Portuguese

    IP Messenger for Win ver2.03 Brazil/Portuguese Translation Version by Marcelo Goncalves (2003/06/25)
    Source code

    Windows for Tagalog

    IP Messenger for Win ver2.05 Tagalog Translation Version by Virgilio So (2004/09/04)
    Source code
    If you want to cheer
    IPMSG for Win up, Donation


    Now, WinCE version is only open to public in Japanese Page (2011/03/24)


    IP Messenger for MacOS X by G.Ishiwata (2011/04/27)

    Now, Macintosh 9(or earlier) version is only open to public in Japanese Page


    IP Messenger for iPhone by E.Miwa (2010/09/07)

    for iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad.


    Android version is open to public in Android Market.


    Motif gXipmsg by George-Phillip Orais (2012/8/31)
    bulletin board

    GNOME2 IP Messenger by T.Kato (2008/10/27)

    KDE IP Messenger by K.Niki (2011/07/09)

    X11R6 XIP Messenger by candy (2005/03/07)

    GNOME/GTK+ Gnome IP Messenger by T.Matsumaru (2001/04/13)


    Now, Java version is only open to public in Japanese Page

    IP Messenger Support Software & Link (2007/12/28)

    IPmsgView Log viewer for Win by J.Tsunoda

    IP Messenger v3.0 image from Windows forest
    Old Japanese version image

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