IP Messenger ProMaster

FastCopy Lab, LLC.


1. Overview
2. License
3. Settings
4. Number of licenses
5. Registry
6. Support
7. History

1. Overview

Additional instructional help for ProMaster (admin).
For the same parts as for Pro (client), please refer to the Pro version help.

2. License

IP Messenger ProMaster (Administrator Edition) License Agreement

1. (License) This software (Administrator Edition) may be installed and used on only 1 PC per 1 contract in an organization that has a usage license agreement with FastCopy Lab, LLC. during the validity period.
2. (Disclaimer) This software is provided "as is" by FastCopy Lab, LLC. and is not liable for any damages.
3. (Limitation on the amount of damages) The maximum amount of liability for the use of this software shall be the equivalent of three-twelfths of the annual fee.
4. (Prohibition of transfer) You may not lend, transfer, or sublicense the right to use the Software to any third party.
5. (Prohibition of reverse engineering) Reverse engineering is prohibited for any purpose.
6. (Jurisdiction) Any and all disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Yokohama District Court as the court of first instance.
Copyright 1996-2024 SHIROUZU Hiroaki All rights reserved.
Copyright 2015-2018 Asahi Net, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2018-2024 FastCopy Lab, LLC. All rights reserved.

3. Settings

ProMaster Settings

Important: The member master must have a static IP address.
License Status
License Status Displays the current license status.
Member: the number of currnet users / the number of licensed users
Expire: License expiration
LicenseKey UpdateDisplays the license input dialog
Client Installer
Generate dedicated client installerGenerate a client installer with the master IP address embedded in the file name.
(Do not change the file name)
Master IP AddressDisplays the IP address to be configured as the master.
(If you need to set it to a different IP address, use the /NIC option to specify the IP address.)
To install the client, distribute the dedicated client installer or download the installer from http://Master-IP-Addr:2425/

Real-time control of clients
Reflect SettingsPropagate control settings to the client
Enable client message loggingAlso stores client received messages on the master.
(The pasted image is also recorded. Attachments are file names only)
Enable auto updateEnables auto client updating.
Prohibit message forwarding to Slack, etcDisable the received message forwarding function
Prohibit screen captureDisables the screen capture/image paste function
Prohibit file transferDisables file transfers
Prohibit to recv message from free versionProhibit to recv message from free version
Audit client message recordsDisplays the client message log

Input License

License Activation
Copy to clipboard Copy to machine-ID to the clipboard.
Required to issu a license key.
License keyInput the issued license key
AuthenticateAuthenticate the license key


The differences from the Pro version are described. (Otherwise, see Pro Help)
Auto update
Regularly check the latest versionRegularly check the latest version and if new version is released, updating IPMsg.
Check the latest version, but no installIf new version exists, it shows balloon notification and if click it, the update confirm dialog will be shown.
Check UpdateCheck the latest version now, and if new version exists, the button label will be changed "Start to Update"

4. Number of Licenses

The explanation about the number of licenses is as follows.
License acquisitionPlease see https://ipmsg.org/pro/en/license.html for license acquisition.
Counting the number of licensesWe measure with "the number of exclusive clients" (master is calculated with one) in the past one week.
Number of licenses exceededClient control and message logging will not be available.
License Exclusion
(Machine migration etc)
If you select "Settings" → "Save settings / Others" → "Deactivate license" in the Pro version (client), it will be excluded from the number of measurement licenses.
(Communication function is also disabled) (Must be run during master startup)

5. Registry

Settings are saved in the registry. The storage location is as follows.
(It is required to terminate IPMsg, before making registry changes)

8. Support

Questions and requests are generally accepted at IP Messenger Pro Message Forum.
In the case of a problem report, please describe as much as possible the version, OS, occurrence status, and reproduction method.
If you have special circumstances, please email this address.

10. History (ProMaster-specific changes only)

v5.2.3 Add option to disallow receipt from the free version.
v5.1.3 ProMaster First release.