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IP Messenger for Win v4.00 beta6

has been released ! (Powefull Logviewer included. last update 7/14)

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IP Messenger

This is a pop up style LAN Messenger for multi platforms.
It is based on TCP/IP(UDP).
It does not require server machine.
Simple, lightweight, and compact size.

since 97/09/14


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IP Messenger for Win ver3.65 by H.Shirouzu shirouzu (2016/04/03)
Usage & License

Download (v3.65)
64bit   Installer     from WindowsForest  
  Installer     from Vector  
32bit   Installer     from Vector  
  All Source code   from Local  
   Installer exe archive (32bit 64bit)
  • Serverless message communication
  • Fast file/folder transfer
  • Image embeded message, desktop (area specified) capture
  • Message encrytion(RSA2048bit + AES256bit) and sign/verify (PKCS#1-v1_5)

  • verContents
    v3.65 Fix Installer rendering.
    Fix Uninstaller problem.
    Support Win10 officially.
    v3.01 - v3.64 Support display (area specified) capture and edit.
    Support IPv6 multicast
    Support auto download option for attached files.
    Support reproduce message for unopend/hidden message at restarting.

    Suport remote reboot/shutdown.
    Support icremental search for userlist (Ctrl+F).
    Support new commandline message mode(/MSGEX), "\n" in message is replaced to new line code.
    Support to encryption/sign(AES-CTR256bit) for file/folder transfer
    Support to export settings to .reg file.
    v3.00 Embedded image in message.
    Multi language communication.
    RSA2048/AES256bit encryption.

    Unopened message monitor.
    RSA2048/SHA-1 digital sign/verify.
    Userid extension(public-key fingerprint).
    Choose Directed/Limited broadcast for local segment.
    v2.11 File/Folder Transfer. (Very fast!)
    RSA/Blowfish Encryption of communication data.

    Host name (FQDN) support on Broadcast setup.
    Specifying NIC extension.
    Balloon Notification. (v2.07 or later)
    Old versions: v3.42(64bit) v3.42(32bit) v2.11

    IP Messenger for Win16 ver1.34 (49KB) by H.Shirouzu (98/08/30)
    Source code of ipmsg for Win16 ver1.34 r3 (115KB)

    Windows for Chinese

    IP Messenger for Win Chinese Language Version translated by A zhi (2010/06/09)

    Windows for Korean(Hangul)

    IP Messenger for Win Korean Transllation Version by A Hong Sung-Jae (2004/03/17)

    Windows for Brazil/Portuguese

    IP Messenger for Win ver2.03 Brazil/Portuguese Translation Version by Marcelo Goncalves (2003/06/25)
    Source code

    Windows for Tagalog

    IP Messenger for Win ver2.05 Tagalog Translation Version by Virgilio So (2004/09/04)
    Source code


    Now, WinCE version is only open to public in Japanese Page (2011/03/24)


    IP Messenger for MacOS X by G.Ishiwata (2011/04/27)

    Now, Macintosh 9(or earlier) version is only open to public in Japanese Page


    IP Messenger for iPhone by E.Miwa (2010/09/07)

    for iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad.


    Android version is open to public in Android Market.


    Motif gXipmsg by George-Phillip Orais (2012/8/31)
    bulletin board

    GNOME2 IP Messenger by T.Kato (2008/10/27)

    KDE IP Messenger by K.Niki (2011/07/09)

    X11R6 XIP Messenger by candy (2005/03/07)

    GNOME/GTK+ Gnome IP Messenger by T.Matsumaru (2001/04/13)


    Now, Java version is only open to public in Japanese Page

    IP Messenger Support Software & Link (2007/12/28)

    IPmsgView Log viewer for Win by J.Tsunoda

    IP Messenger v3.0 image from Windows forest
    Old Japanese version image

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